Adobe Campaigns

Project Summary

I designed a mobile feature add-on to help organizations and movements engage with supporters through interactive, visual campaigns


April 2020
14 Day Design Hackathon

Our design placed 2nd Place out of 65 teams across USA and Canada


The Ocean Agency

My Role + Team

Product Designer
Co-designed with Alanah Lam


AdobeXD, Adobe Illustrator

Roles & Responsibilities

Interaction Design, Product Strategy, User Research, Interface Design, Prototyping

Defining The Problem

Over 5,000,000,000 people support greater climate action. So why isn’t more being done? Why don’t we hear about this more often?

Adobe Campaigns aims to help organizations motivate and engage supporters through interactive, visual campaigns.

Thanks to the joint partnership between The Ocean Agency, Adobe, and Pantone, there is an opportunity for The Ocean Agency to build interactive campaigns that leverage their vibrant, Pantone-developed branding and utilize Adobe's cutting-edge technology.

Product Preview

Explore Page

Browse interactive campaigns, educate yourself about pressing issues, and support causes that are important to you.

Support key Petitions

Easily discover, sign and support key petitions that tackle the pressing issues you care about.

Create and Share

Edit and share selfies using exclusive campaign filters and effects - powered by Adobe PsC's built-in AI!

Design Process
& Strategy

User Research

Target Users

Our target audience are young adults between 18-32 years old. We created this user persona to guide our design process.

Due to the Adobe Photoshop Camera being in the final stages before release at the time of the design hackathon, we were advised not to conduct user interviews and first-hand research. Hence, our strategy and design process are based on background research and literature, bypassing the standard research and testing stages.

Vancouver, Canada
Kimmy (she/her), 26 years old

Kimmy cares about doing her part. From separating her compost to local peaceful protests, she actively tries to better herself and be conscious of things around her.

An active Tweeter, she's always educating herself about new causes, but she finds it difficult to find tangible ways to show her support for the issues she cares about.

Kimmy uses Adobe Campaigns as a fun way to not only take cute new selfies, but also to stay up to speed on new causes and fundraisers that she can support and donate to!

User Research

Competitive Analysis

To better understand what motivates and drives our target user group, I analyzed successful platforms and organizations working on cause-based awareness campaigns to identify user patterns and valuable insights.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge used simple gamification and virality principles to build momentum and skyrocket global awareness for ALS.

With a simple challenge that people shared within their own circles, the challenge built momentum and spread at an exponential rate.

Valuable Insights

Repeatable, fun tasks work best: they are low effort, and easily gamified using friendly competition

Content shared within someone’s own network were more likely to be perceived positively, considered, and even re-posted. Key factor in virality. provides organizations and causes a simple platform to build petitions and gather public support.

Individuals can find and support petitions that align with their values, spread the word within their networks, and possibly even start their own petitions for new initiatives.

Valuable Insights

Simplicity is important in successfully gathering signatures: the quickest, easiest way to participate, the better.

Petitions are a low effort, tangible format of gathering support. Signatures provide real numbers that can be used to impact legislation.

Defining The Goal

How can we visualize the strength in numbers by helping supporters represent themselves and directly raise cause-based awareness?

Framing The Solution
Why Adobe Photoshop Camera?

The joint partnership naturally made us consider the new Adobe Photoshop Camera for potential opportunities. With its extensive visual processing and filter-centric structure, the app clearly had a strong focus on creativity and self-expression.

This aligned well with our defined goal. By building our solution directly into a product from within the partnership, our solution would stand to also be mutually beneficial.

IDeating A Solution

Discover, Support and Share

My teammate and I broke down our design solution into three fundamental phases: Discovery, Support, and Sharing

Authenticity Without Intrusion

How will the user discover these campaigns naturally? The solution needed to reach our target users through existing touchpoints, so as to not feel like another marketing tactic.

Simple Yet Memorable Moments

How could we create a simple journey for users to show their support for causes and feel like they made a difference? We chose to integrate a petition signing activity into the experience, with a hand-signature for a personalized touch.

Snap and Share
Creating Shareable Experiences

How can we attract and excite users to take part? How can we create an entertaining (and repeatable!) visual experience? By centering the campaign around exclusive visual filters, we used a tried-and-tested engagement strategy that also made it easily shareable on social media.

Design Decisions

Tapping Into Existing Relationship And Leveraging Partnerships

Our research showed us that our target user group really valued authenticity and relatability. Therefore, our solution needed to reach and engage both new and existing users while remaining relatable and unobtrusive.

I chose to utilize social media as a key touchpoint to appeal to users in areas and platforms that they already frequented. By combining these social media touchpoints with Adobe's industry-leading visual software, an interactive selfie campaign using AI-powered filters naturally made a lot of sense.

By focusing on building visual social media campaigns with the help of Adobe Photoshop Camera’s live image processing, we saw an additional opportunity to simultaneously expand The Ocean Agency and Adobe user bases through cross-platform exposure.

Design Decisions

Amplifying The Faces And Voices Of Support

I believe that passion and drive play a big role in fighting for the things you believe in. As an adult who is conscious of my own environmental impact, it was very important to me that Adobe Campaigns put stock in the human being behind the signature.

One strategy I used to enhance this experience was to work primarily through hand-signed signatures. By partnering with Adobe, we had the perfect tool that we could integrate into our design - Adobe Sign. By channeling that visceral, 'clipboard-on-the-street' energy of petition signing, I wanted to recreate a memorable experience for our users.

This principle of pressure group politics allow groups of like-minded people with a passion and a message to be heard, and this effort is incredibly meaningful to the organizations who are trying to raise awareness.

How Adobe Campaigns Works

Enjoy rich Visual Campaigns

Adobe Campaigns lets causes and organizations easily run and manage interactive visual campaigns using Adobe's live image processing.

Support important Causes

With relevant petitions integrated within each campaign, users feel a sense of accomplishment by signing and supporting the causes they believe in.

Snap and Share Your Masterpiece

Users can explore and play around with different exclusive campaign filters, take fun selfies, and spread awareness about their favourite causes!

Key Metrics

Measuring Success

The primary goal was to provide users a way to naturally discover and learn about the campaign, and provide an engaging way for supporters to raise awareness for the cause. In order to review the success of the solution, we defined important measurable factors.

Defined Success Metrics
Social Media Engagement

What is the growth of social media shares, reach and hashtag interactions?

Campaign Performance

How are the Campaign interactions, supporter engagements and supporter base growing?

Petition Completion Rate

How many users are completing the process and successfully signing petitions?

Cross-Platform Conversion

How are Adobe Photoshop Camera users being converted to campaign supporters, and vice versa?


Key Takeaways

What Went Well

We received positive feedback from judges for the level of depth and complexity we explored when analysing our target user's discovery patterns.

Given the restriction provided on conducting first-hand research, I was really proud that our research efforts paid off with valuable insights.

If I Had More Time...

With a longer timeframe, I would have further explored educational opportunities that aligned with this problem space.

By exploring informative and educative approaches and principles, I believe that there is great potential to inspire and engage future activists.

More Research And Validation

Due to confidentiality concerns at the time of the design hackathon, we were explicitly told to rely purely on second-hand research and literature.

Our design could be further improved by learning from real users. With an informed, relevant user persona, I can design a more precise solution for the user.

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